What's next?

I am currently working as a Communications Coordinator for Health Corporate Network in Perth.  HCN is a shared service that provides HR, Payroll, Finance and Supply services to the Western Australian Health Department.

I will be leaving Perth on 12 November and heading to Broome where I am going to spend a couple days before heading to Darwin.  Once in Darwin I am going on an expedition through Kakadu National Park for a few days and on November 19 2012 I will be flying to Singapore after one year 5 months in Australia.

In Singapore, I am meeting a good university friend, Nat, for a brief catch up.  I wish I could stay longer but I have somewhere to be.  That place would be Burma, or Myanmar as it is officially called.  A place which has suffered years of oppression under military dictatorship.  Over the last few years the Burmese military rule have been largely replaced by a civilian led government, Aung Sung Suu Kyi has been released from house arrest and the tourist embargo has been lifted. 

It's a perfect opportunity to support the changes that are being made by the rulers of Burma.  Having spoken with the Embassy of Myanmar in Canberra, it seems they are now receiving increasing numbers of tourist visa requests.  I am not alone.  This does, however, give me great concern as I fear Burma will one day play host to the pissed up twats in neighboring Thailand.  I sincerely hope not.

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